FitnessCradle ™
"Comfort Engineering"
The Fitness Cradle™ creates balance and harmony with the body. Engineered from hardwoods with hand rubbed finish, our unique design provides comfort and control.

The curve of the cradle allows your body weight to be more evenly distributed. Designed to follow the natural curve of your body to improve strength and stamina. The Fitness Cradle combines the best of engineering with fitness.

Form and fitness come together with the Fitness Cradle

Fitness in Control is the key to a successful exercise program. The Fitness Cradle provides strength training through: core exercises, yoga fitness, and isotonic resistance for superior results. Build muscle, increase metabolism and lose weight.

And for those with arthritis or back pain, enjoy joint friendly exercise. Gain maximum benefits from your exercise program and achieve your fitness and wellness goals with the Fitness Cradle.

Simple and elegant, it's all you need for a lean and healthy body.

Only Made in the USA.

Fitness now has a new art form
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